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Tien Nguyen Music welcomes you to the Gibson Guitar range

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, you will find Gibson's handmade craftsmen continuing the rich tradition of Gibson Acoustic. Gibson Acoustic proudly introduces the new 2017. New products include guitar for players and classical music collectors, as well as modern players looking for a high-performance guitar for any style of play.
The new Gibson Acoustic guitar in 2017 has one goal: to release the best guitar player inside you. The HP guitars are designed from the ground up to streamline the gaming experience that has never been done before, while remaining faithful to the superior sound and tradition of honoring the core of every Gibson Acoustic guitar.
Gibson's long list of musical instruments is associated with some of the largest movements in the history of music and is favored by many artists and musicians. The world's most famous audio models include the Gibson J-45, the SJ-200 and the Hummingbird, and they are still marvelous devices that provide an indescribable music experience for countless players around the world. 

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